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Derek Martin code at
Tue Oct 21 06:50:50 CEST 2008

On Mon, Oct 20, 2008 at 10:28:15AM -0700, Gary Herron wrote:
> > The other weird behavior was, once I changed the value of DEBUG,
> > dprint() started to behave oddly.  No matter what I passed as an
> > argument (and no matter what I set the value of DEBUG to be), it
> > started printing the exact literal string:
> >
> > DEBUG: %s
> I don't believe it -- send your *actual* code, and we'll all have a look.

When I finally had access to my code again, my error was immediately
obvious.  I'd typed: 

  print("DEBUG: %s")

Weird thing was, I remembered it actually working.  And it had... In
between testing the two cases, I'd accidentally deleted the module and
had to recreate it.  The first time no bug, second time, well,
resutled in this thread.  I'm chalking the whole thing up to coding
when not sufficiently awake to do so. ;-)

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