twisted and py2exe

Linnorm linnorm at
Thu Oct 16 19:47:55 CEST 2008

I've written an app using twisted to create an ssh forwarding tunnel
for our erp app.  When I run it with the interpreter it works
perfectly, but when I package it up with py2exe it looks like the
tunnel never gets created.  I don't get any exceptions during the
build, but I do get the following:

The following modules appear to be missing
['Crypto.PublicKey._fastmath', 'Crypto.Util.winrandom', 'FCNTL',
'IronPythonConsole', 'OpenSSL', 'System',
'System.Windows.Forms.Clipboard', 'clr', 'email.Generator',
'email.Iterators', 'email.Utils', 'gmpy', 'modes.editingmodes',
'pkg_resources', 'resource', 'startup']

I've tried including all of these at the command line, but all that
seems to do is increase the exe size.

Also, this file (_zope_interface_coptimizations.pyd) appears on the
list of libraries that may need to be distributed with the app.  I
verified that that it is in the file and I've also tried
copying it to the app directory and C:\Windows\system32.

Am I missing something?  I've searched Google but can't find anything

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