What's the perfect (OS independent) way of storing filepaths ?

Grant Edwards grante at visi.com
Tue Oct 21 17:00:35 CEST 2008

On 2008-10-21, Laszlo Nagy <gandalf at shopzeus.com> wrote:
>>> However, the normal place to store settings on Windows is in the registry.
>> Which becomes a single point of failure for the whole system.
> LOL :-)
> BTW famous big popular programs like firefox and thunderbird
> will store their configuration data under "Documents and
> Settings\Application data". I believe this is the standard
> place to store application configuration data. And inside that
> directory, you should be able to use whatever file name you
> want, beginning with a dot or not.
> Users who like to go inside "Documents and
> Settings\Application data" and delete things without knowing
> what they do deserve to have a malfunctioning system for sure.
> BTW it would be nice to have a standard 'Application data"
> like directory under UNIX.

The standard is to create either a .appname file or .appname
directory in the user's home directory.

> It is true that all kinds of programs will create .app files
> in your home dir which is not very polite.

It _is_ polite.  Polite means following the established rules
and doing what's expected of you.  That's exactly what is
expected of applications under Unix.

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