Do a Gnuplot of a file in python

Santix santiortega2000 at
Mon Oct 27 18:01:40 CET 2008

Thanks a lot because it works with

But now I have this problem 

gnuplot> load 'power.p'
gnuplot> set terminal postscript enhanced color
gnuplot> set output ""
gnuplot> plot 
gnuplot> set terminal x11
gnuplot> set output

gnuplot> plot 
         line 0: function to plot expected

It plots one time and then I want the program to close the plot window and
do another iteration, then show a plot again, close it, another iteration,
What should I put in the "power.p" code? I've tried to put exit or close but
it doesn't close the plot window.

Thanks and Regards,


Gabriel Genellina-7 wrote:
> En Thu, 23 Oct 2008 13:58:20 -0200, Santix <santiortega2000 at>  
> escribió:
>> I am doing a python program that save the data in a text file in columns  
>> and
>> I want to do a gnuplot to plot the results.
>> But I want the program in python to show the result with gnuplot.
>> I have tried this:
>> g.load(power.p)
>> but it gives me this error:
>> Traceback (most recent call last):
>>   File "./", line 310, in <module>
>>     main_loop(tb)
>>   File "./", line 289, in main_loop
>>     g.load(power.p)
>> AttributeError: 'file' object has no attribute 'p'
> I don't know gnuplot nor what g.load expects - but probably some lines  
> above that you have something like this:
> power = open(...)
> Try with g.load("power.p") instead.
> -- 
> Gabriel Genellina
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