Regarding shared memory

gaurav kashyap gauravkec2005 at
Thu Oct 30 05:13:19 CET 2008

Dear all,

I have a server program that listens to a particular port and a number
of client programs that connect to the server.

Now i want to put some data in form of python list in main memory on
server.Hence whenver a client program is run it connects to the server
and access the data in main memory.Here the server calls a module that
processes the data as per the client request and the returns some
information to the client.

I can create client and server programs using socket programming,but i
am not able to put the data in shared memory and then access it.

NOTE:I want to put the data in main memory only once(on the server
using server program) i.e. whenever client connects to the server it
should only access the data and not create a replica of data already
loaded in memory.How can this be achieved


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