Need some advice

Tim Chase python.list at
Tue Oct 21 18:19:56 CEST 2008

> I am planing to develop a desktop application which would have
> some usage, but also it should be able to comunicate to a web
> server which hosts a php web application. So I wanted to ask
> if someone has some expirience with connecting PHP
> webapplications with Python desktop applications. Could
> someone at leaset point me to the right direction where to
> look for informations.

Assuming you've already done the desktop application part (that's 
google'able), you're just interested in Python web-service 
utilization.  You omit details of your PHP interface, whether 
it's REST or SOAP.  If it's a RESTful interface, you can just use 
the batteries-included urllib/urllib2[1] to request the page you 
want, and then use the resulting data.  If it's a SOAP interface, 
you can use the methods described at [2] to interact with it.




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