Emacs users: feedback on diffs between python-mode.el and python.el?

Bruno Desthuilliers bdesth.quelquechose at free.quelquepart.fr
Tue Oct 14 19:05:43 CEST 2008

skip at pobox.com a écrit :
> If you're an Emacs user who has used both python-mode.el (the python mode
> code distributed with Python and XEmacs) and python.el (the python mode code
> distributed with GNU Emacs), I'd like to get your impressions on how they
> compare and where you feel the bugs lie.  I'm nominally one of the
> python-mode.el maintainers (though not very active) but have never tried the
> GNU python.el.

Hi Skip.

I stumbled on python.el last year and very very *very* quickly replaced 
it with my good old python-mode.el. The first and foremost reason being, 
IIRC, the lack of proper support for working with the embedded 
interactive interpreter (one killer-feature of python-mode). Honnestly, 
I don't think I've used python.el more than five minutes (not having C-c 
! and C-c C-c working as expected being a definitive show-stopper for 
me), so I can't say much more about python.el.

wrt/ python-mode.el:
- the most annoying bug is syntax coloration of triple-quoted strings, 
that doesn't correctly handles quotes within the triple-quoted part.
- a slightly less but still annoying problem (I wouldn't call it a bug) 
is the handling of indentation for nested litteral dicts/lists/tuples.

Note that I don't even know if python.el does a better job here. If no 
one provides more feedback on it, let me know and I'll give it a closer 


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