python3 - the hardest hello world ever ?

Ben Finney bignose+hates-spam at
Wed Oct 15 00:13:37 CEST 2008

Helmut Jarausch <jarausch at> writes:

> I have to set an internal property (with leading underscore)
> for each output file I'm using - right?

If you're referring to the source encoding declaration: No,
underscores have no effect. The specification is at

> #!/usr/local/bin/python3.0
> # _*_ coding: latin1 _*_

I'm not sure why you use underscores in this line. The usual form is
to use a mode line as recognised by Emacs::

    # -*- coding: latin1 -*-

or Vim::

    # vim: fileencoding=latin1 :

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