Using Tkinter and Tix together opens a new DOS Window in addition to the actual GUI on windows XP

dudeja.rajat at dudeja.rajat at
Wed Oct 1 11:04:00 CEST 2008


I m using Tkinter and Tix. I'm using Tkinter mainly for all the widgets
except for the TixComboBox for which I use Tix.

My event loop starts like this:

myRoot = Tix.Tk()
myRoot.title("Test Automation")#
myAppGUIObject = myAppGUI(myRoot, logger)  #myAPPGUI is the class for
creating GUI

The problem is as soon as I doubel click on this script a DOS window opens
up in addition to the GUI.

I don't why is this happening? I assume the problem is becuase I'm using the
when I'm using tix for only a combo box and the rest of the widgets are
tkinter widgets.

1. Is the above approach fine?
2. How can I stop the dos window from opening up?

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