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Terry Reedy <tjreedy at> writes:

> Steven D'Aprano wrote:
> > We agree that the restriction is artificial, and I think
> > irrational (although I'd be interested in hearing the gnuplot
> > developers' reasoning before making a final judgment).
> I believe it is a matter of preserving clarity of authorship, just
> as is the quoting mechanism we take for granted in posts like this.
> If I removed the quote marks above and silently edited what Ben and
> you wrote, I might upset someone and certainly could confuse
> readers.

That, if it were to be prosecuted under law, would be a matter already
covered by laws other than copyright: fraud, libel, etc.

Note that I consider a work free even if it fails to grant “the right
to distribute misrepresentations of the author's words”, because that
act is an exercise of undue power over another person, and so falls
outside the limit imposed by the freedoms of others.

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