Printing with interspersed element

Grant Edwards invalid at invalid
Thu Oct 30 21:21:46 CET 2008

On 2008-10-30, Paulo J. Matos <pocm at> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I guess this is a recurring issue for someone who doesn't really know
> the python lib inside out. There must be a simple way to do this.
> I have a list of objects [x1, x2, x3, ..., xn] and I have defined a
> print method for them print_obj(). Now I want to print them
> intersepersed by an element.
> If I print [x1, x2, x3] interspersed by the element 10:
> x1.print_obj() 10 x2.print_obj() 10 x3.print_obj()

>>> ','.join([str(i) for i in [1,2,3,4]])

>>> ','.join([i.__repr__() for i in [1,2,3,4]])

>>> ','.join([str(i) for i in [1]])

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