open a new terminal window from another terminal window in linux/unix system

Paul Boddie paul at
Fri Oct 31 13:10:02 CET 2008

On 31 Okt, 10:50, Tino Wildenhain <t... at> wrote:
> gaurav kashyap wrote:
> > I am using Microsoft Windows XP.Using putty.exe,I connected to LINUX
> > server  and a terminal window gets opened.Here i logeed in as root.

As pointed out already, root privileges should be used with caution,
especially if you don't really know what you're doing.

> > What i want to do is open another terminal window from already opened
> > terminal window.
> Ugh. As others said and I already guessed, this has nothing to do with
> python.

It does, albeit tangentially, if the inquirer is looking for a way of
doing this conveniently within a Python program.

> While this is totally unrelated to this list I'll help you going
> into the right direction (but you need to walk yourself):
> Basically you would install the x window system and some shell
> tools (including openssh client) and then log into the
> remote box and start any x window application, also as many
> terminals as you can carry. (especially look out for
> x-session forwarding etc.)

Agreed. This is the most obvious solution. I imagine that there may be
all sorts of alternatives, some based on X, others based on other
protocols (RDP, NX, perhaps), but SSH with X is commonplace in the
free UNIX world these days, and that pretty much sets the agenda for
all the other UNIX flavours as well.

> > Can this be achieved.If yes,please provide a tested solution
> Ah tested. Haha. Yes many people have done it, so its tested.
> If you provide a contract and pay money you should also be able to
> get someone to configure the system in the way you want it :-)

Indeed. :-)

Returning to the Python aspect, however, there probably isn't a
convenient way of just opening the "best" console/terminal program,
mostly because there isn't really a convenient way of doing so outside
Python. The xdg-utils package, which attempts to provide cross-desktop
services as a set of programs, doesn't cover the opening of terminal
windows, and it's probably a fair amount of work to inspect the
environment and inquire about the user's preferred terminal program
for all possible desktop environments, assuming that they all expose
this information conveniently.


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