Pylab Fails with Runtime Error on Win XP Under Python 2.4

W. eWatson notvalid2 at
Mon Oct 13 04:45:15 CEST 2008

Thanks for the help, but I'm bowing out of this graphics problem. This 
should have been a snap, but has turned into a detour. I'll get back to the 
  python program I was considering for it, and just work without the scatter 
plot. It's easily done. It would just look prettier in a plot.

The meat of the matter is the Fatal error msg I copied below. To me it 
indicates a serious error. Maybe some developer can sort it out.

 From above post.
Ah, a tiny break through. I got
C:\Python24\python I copied the program to this folder.

I don't seem to be able to copy the window, so I see pretty much what I had 
before from a dialog that popped up, except it adds:

Fatal Python error: Pystring_InterInPlace: strings only please! <-Meat!

The rest is about the run time error [, and of zippo help].

This (Pystring) seems quite relevant, but I have no idea what.
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