Finding the instance reference of an object

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Fri Oct 31 14:59:46 CET 2008

On 2008-10-31, greg <greg at> wrote:
> Dale Roberts wrote:
>> Just as the Pass By Reference idiom deserves a unique name to
>> distinguish it from Pass By Value (even though it is often Pass By
>> (address) Value internally), so Pass By Object Reference deserves a
>> unique name (even though it too is Pass By (reference) Value
>> internally).
> Since Python only has one parameter passing mechanism,
> there's no need to give it a name at all. If you're
> having to explain it, just explain it, and don't
> bother naming it!

Unfortunately, that's not really how the human mind works.  It
likes to have names for things and put them in categories of
like things. Hence the large collection of nouns in all human

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