Question about sorted in Python 3.0rc1

josh logan dear.jay.logan at
Mon Sep 22 15:07:47 CEST 2008

On Sep 22, 7:32 am, Sion Arrowsmith <si... at>
> josh logan  <dear.jay.lo... at> wrote:
> >sorted(P) # throws TypeError: unorderable types Player() < Player()
> >The sorted function works when I define __lt__.
> >I must be misreading the documentation, because I read for the
> >documentation __cmp__ that it is called if none of the other rich
> >comparison functions are defined.
> You're either misreading or forgetting that __eq__ and __ne__,
> which you define, are rich comparison functions. __cmp__ will only
> be called for a comparison when *none* of the rich comparison
> functions are defined, not just the one in question.
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Hello Sion,

When I don't define the __eq__ and __ne__ comparison functions, the
same unexpected behavior occurs.

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