How does python call OS?

Grant Edwards invalid at invalid
Sun Sep 14 17:04:31 CEST 2008

On 2008-09-14, Siegfried Heintze <siegfried at> wrote:
> I just finished reading a chapter in "Python Programming on Win32" and tried 
> out the pythonwin scribble application. I'm not sure if I got it right 
> because I could not open a new document. I tried to download the source code 
> as referenced in the chm file but it is corrupted. I cut and pasted from my 
> softcopy of the book.
> I see the next sub-chapter on wxWindows for python and the
> previous sub-chapter on TK. This is looking a lot like other
> scripting languages (such as perl and groovy and even java).
> Can python call anything directly

No.  For example, I don't believe there's any way for standard
C-Python to make system calls on Linux.  [Thought ISTR that
somebody has written an extension module that doess that.]

> or does someone have to write a DLL in C/C++ that calls the
> function first?

Can you be more explicit?  What sort of "function" are you
talking about?

As for calling functions in libraries, the library doesn't have
to be in C/C++.  Python can make library calls written in any
language (Fortran, Ada, Pascal, etc.) as long as the language
uses a supportted API.  Python can also execute external


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