shelve file name extention

skip at skip at
Mon Sep 8 19:47:45 CEST 2008

    Monu> When I am using shelve on my local machine it generates the db
    Monu> file as given filename. But in another machine it's generating
    Monu> <filename>.dat and .dir.  can anyone tell me how can I force sheve
    Monu> module to write the db in <filename>.dir and <filename>.dat,
    Monu> instead of <filename>? Do I have to install a specific version of
    Monu> the python?

Shelve is just a thin layer on top of a concrete db file module.  Sounds
like on your two machines there are different underlying db file modules
available.  You're pretty much at the mercy of those modules as to file
naming.  All you are giving it when opening a shelve file is the prefix.


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