Python newbie

Mladen Gogala gogala.mladen at
Fri Sep 19 10:34:15 CEST 2008

Steve Holden wrote:

> No. Python implicitly dereferences all names when using them to compute
> values, and only uses them as references on the left-hand side of an
> assignment.
> Please note the above statement is contentious, and will likely bring a
> horde of screaming fanatics of various flavors down on my head for
> terminological inexactitude.

Actually, I am not a "screaming fanatic". I just want to learn. I am not
trying to compare Perl or PHP with Python. I don't know enough Python to
do that. I see an exponential increase in the use of Python and I want to
find out why is that. I don't plan on discarding my knowledge of Perl and
PHP and I don't know enough Python to make a reasonable comparison. whether 
I will use Python on regular basis or not is still to be decided. One thing
is certain: it's easier to use what I already know but then, that's not the
point. I've heard very good things about Django and TurboGears and I got
my hands on the tool called orasachemadoc which is written in Python and
I want to check it out. True, I am coming from the "dark side", but I have
no preconceptions and am not a "screaming fanatic". Let me introduce myself:

Those articles are the only ones that are scripting related. There are some
other articles about Oracle, of no interest for this group. I am 47 years
old and I have learned many programming languages in my time. Learning
Python doesn't seem like a huge task. Conquering my own preconceptions
stemming from a very long use of other programming languages will not be a
big problem, either.

Hopefully, this explains who am I and what is my motivation for delving into
Python. I share your fears of screaming fanatics, too.


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