The Importance of Terminology's Quality

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On Mon, 01 Sep 2008 12:04:05 -0700, Robert Maas,

>> From: George Neuner <gneun... at> A friend of mine had an
>> early 8080 micros that was programmed through the front panel using
>> knife switches
> When you say "knife switches", do you mean the kind that are shaped like
> flat paddles? 
Pedantic correction:

"Knife switch" is the wrong term. These are high current switches, 
typically used in the sort of heavy duty circuit where the wiring hums 
when power is on or in school electrical circuits so even the back of the 
class can see whether the switch is open or closed. In these a copper 
'blade' closes the contact by being pushed down into a 
narrow, sprung U terminal that makes a close contact with both sides of 
the blade. Like this:

What you're talking is a flat handle on a SPST or DPST toggle switch. It 
is often called a paddle switch and mounted with the flats on the handle 
horizontal. Like this, but often with a longer handle:

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