Python GUI for animation

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Wed Sep 17 19:19:27 CEST 2008

Sean DiZazzo wrote:
> On Sep 15, 11:29 pm, Virgil Stokes <v... at> wrote:
>> I have been using Python for a short time and I find it a very flexible
>> language, and easy to learn and use. I have also worked some with PyGame
> Then again, you mention sliders, knobs, etc.  I don't think Tkinter
> has alot of widgets built in.  The other choice would be wxPython.
> It's got lots of built in widgets, and it looks pretty good.  If you
> go this route, run the demo application to see what you have to work
> with.
> Good luck.
> ~Sean

Yes, I'd say wxPython is the way to go, mainly because of the numerous
and excellent examples and example program.

Also, gui stuff can be lengthy and verbose to code by hand and if you're
using wxPython you can also use wxGlade, a python version of the popular
Glade gui builder.

Good luck :]

Roger Heathcote.

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