Retrieving the name of the class calling an instance method

Maric Michaud maric at
Fri Sep 5 18:37:10 CEST 2008

Le Friday 05 September 2008 17:29:39 mercado mercado, vous avez écrit :
> In Python, is it possible for an instance method to know the name of the
> class which is calling it? For example, in the sample below, I would like
> for the someMethod method to print the name of the class calling it ("bar"
> in the first case, "again" in the second).

Note that "self" for somemethod is just a local variable of the calling 
function. You cannot retrieve those local variables without playing with the 
call stack, and this reveal generally a bad design (except for inspection 

You have two common solutions here :
- the simplest is to pass the instance of bar or again to the foo constructor 
or as parameter of someMethod, or 
- attach the foo instance to self in both cases and define a proper __get__ 
method in foo, this is far more complex and add magic to the foo class, I 
don't recommand this unless you understand well the descriptor protocol.

> ---------------------------------------
> class foo():
>     def someMethod(self):
>         print x
> class bar():
>     def __init__(self):
>         f = foo()
>         f.someMethod()
> class again():
>     def __init__(self):
>         f = foo()
>         f.someMethod()
> bar()
> again()
> ---------------------------------------


Maric Michaud

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