"Full" element tag listing possible with Elementtree?

Carl Banks pavlovevidence at gmail.com
Fri Sep 5 21:19:25 CEST 2008

On Sep 5, 2:27 am, jaime.dy... at gmail.com wrote:
> So, for example, if I had a document that looked like this:
> <a>
>   <b att="atttag" content="b"> this is node b </b>
>   <c> this is node c
>     <d />
>     <e> this is node e </e>
>   </c>
>   <f> this is node f </f>
> </a>
> I would want to print the following:
> <a>
> <a> <b>
> <a> <b> text: this is node b
> <a> <c>
> <a> <c> text: this is node c
> <a> <c> <d>
> <a> <c> <e>
> <a> <c> <e> text: this is node e
> <a> <f>
> <a> <f> this is node f
> Is there a simple way to do this?  Any help would be appreciated.
> Thanks..

Fredrik Lundh wrote Element Tree, so he'd know the best solution, but
I'd like to point out that this is also trivially easy with recursion:

def print_nodes(element, ancestors = []):
    s = hierarchy = ancestors + ["<" + element.tag + ">"]
    if element.text is not None:
        s = s + [element.text]
    print " ".join(s)
    for subelement in element:

Carl Banks

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