Dictionaries and loops

Mike P michael.pearmain at tangozebra.com
Mon Sep 8 14:52:33 CEST 2008

Hi All
i have a CSV file that i'm reading in and each line has the look of
the below

{None: ['User-ID', 'Count']}
{None: ['576460847178667334', '1']}
{None: ['576460847178632334', '8']}

i want to make a dictionary of items in the form
{576460847178667334:1, 576460847178632334:8, ..... } for all rows in
the datafile

my code so far is thus:

for row in reader1:
  if j==1:
    continue #thus allowing me to skip the first row
  if j>1:
    for element in row.values():
      for item in element:
        if int(item)%2==0:
          dict1[int(item)] = int(item)+1
# i know this is the problem line as it's not picking the second item
up just finding the first and increasing it, but i can't figure out
how to correct this?

I get one dictionary from this but not the correct data inside, can
anyone help?

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