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Bruno Desthuilliers bdesth.quelquechose at
Wed Sep 3 21:41:28 CEST 2008

SimonPalmer a écrit :
> Apologies in advance if this is either a) the wrong board or b) been
> answered a million times elsewhere, but...
> I have been given an assignment to get a python module up and running
> behind an existing web site.  At the moment the rest of the site is
> developed in PHP but the hosts have said they will provide python
> support for free, although they haven't given any more details than
> that, so I'm not sure exactly what that means.

Depending on the hosts, this can range from having an antiquated python 
version with only cgi enabled and no way to install anything to the very 
last stable release and (almost) whatever third-part lib / frameworks 
and correct configuration.

>  All reasonably
> encouraging though.
> I'm a newbie to python but quite experienced with Java/J2EE/JBoss.

Quite another world...

> What I need to know is how I get python running on the server

For which definition of 'server' ? The computer, or the web server process ?

> and what
> tools/middleware I would need to have installed on the host's machines
> to be able to support my python modules.

Depends on your modules dependencies !-)

More seriously : Python is known has being the language with more web 
frameworks than keywords. IOW, there's no simple straightforward answer 
to your question. Fisrt choose which Python web development solution you 
intend to use, then read the FineManual's "deployment" section of the 
chosen solution.

You'll find pointers to most web-related libs / frameworks here:

Given your situation (Python newcomer with a real job to do), and if 
your job is anything more than a very Q&D deadsimple task, I'd 
personnaly recommand Django ( Don't let the 
version number fools you (latest version is 1.0 release candidate), 
Django is a mature, solid and proven solution that have years of 
existance, and what they call 1.0rc would be labeled at least 3.5 for 
some other software... It's also mostly documented, and there's a strong 
community around the framework, so you should not have much problem 
getting help.

For any other Python question (I mean, non django-related), you're at 
the right place.

Oh, and yes, if I may suggest a reading:

HTH, and welcome on board...

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