properties setting each other

mk mrkafk at
Wed Sep 3 17:40:43 CEST 2008

Thanks to everyone for answers..

> *but*, if you want to add more logic in the setters, you could want to add two 
> extra methods :
>          def _setsquare(self, v) :
>                  # some extra logic here
>                  self._square = s
>          def fsetsquare(self,s):
>                  self._setsquare(s)
>                  self._setvalue = math.sqrt(s)
>          def _setvalue(self, val):
>                  # some extra logic here
>                  self._internalval=val
>          def fsetvalue(self, val):
>                  self._setvalue(val)
>                  self._setsquare=pow(val,2)

Thanks for that, I'll keep that in mind.

> Note that if one property can really be computed from another, this kind of 
> thing could be considered as bad design (except if the computation is heavy).

Hmm, why? Is the line of thinking smth like: because the variables 
should be kept to minimum and they should be calculated at the moment 
they are needed?

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