Python Linear Programming on Ubuntu

Harold Fellermann dadapapa at
Wed Sep 17 12:53:24 CEST 2008

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> > Scroll down.
> Yes, many of those seem to be deprecated, without destinations to
> links, most are poorly or not documented at all. The few that are, I
> still can't get running. Of those 254, I think I have tried at least
> 10 pages worth. Still no luck.
> # lpsolvpy - Can't get it to compile - dependency problems.
> # Lp_solve5 - NO python binding yet. Volunteers needed for python
> bindings.
> # pycplex - You need to compile the module. Change the required
> paths to CPLEX, Python and numpy in the Makefile, and type "make". Not
> sure what to do here.
> # GLPK (GNU Linear Programming Kit) - Hrm... might be something here,
> I missed the second link to the python bindings, looked all over the
> glpk site for anything about python.
> # SciPy -- - supposedly has this, but as I said,
> I can't find any mention of it anywhere but on the site you linked.
> # pySimplex - (broken link)(broken link)
> # Simplex - link is broken, but nothing is mentioned
> I'll take a closer look at glpk's python bindings and if there is any
> documentation on them, maybe I'll have some luck. btw, I have been
> looking for something that works, I have over 5 packages on my desktop
> that I have tried to get up and running, but none of them seem to
> work. glpk makes 6.

You are right that this is an unsatisfying experience. Fortunately,
the referred  site is a wiki. Why don't you edit it and delete the
links or add the package that did the job for you to the list, so that
others do not need to go through the same hassle.

- harold -

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