Python Linear Programming on Ubuntu

Aaron "Castironpi" Brady castironpi at
Wed Sep 17 04:00:15 CEST 2008

On Sep 16, 8:50 pm, Fett <FettMan... at> wrote:
> I am trying to find a wrapper to do linear programming within python.
> I am using an ubuntu machine and I have apt-get'd lp_solve, which
> works just fine. If someone knows of a wrapper that will work with
> that that'd be great.
> I also heard that scipy has a wrapper, however, I can't find any
> documentation on it, nor can I seem to find it with dir(). If anyone
> knows where there is good documentation on this I would love to use
> that (the more native to python the better imo).
> I have tried many things, including,
> openopt, and cvxopt. I can't seem to find any with enough
> documentation to get me off the ground. Some I can't compile, some I
> can't even find out how to compile.
> If anyone knows of an LP package (preferably with IP as well, like
> lp_solve has), that interfaces well with python and has enough
> documentation to get a dependency newb like myself off the ground that
> would be great.

Google says:

about 254,000 for linear programming python.

Link 3 is:

Scroll down.

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