Generating test data from an XML Schema

Jonathan Fine J.Fine at
Wed Sep 17 11:29:02 CEST 2008


I want to generate test data from an XML schema.  I've had a quick look 
at existing tools (such as minixsv and amara) but from what I've seen 
they don't seem to help.

It is of course easy to extract all the element names from a schema, but 
I want more than that.

Motivation:  I wish to create a subset of TeX/LaTeX that can be easily 
translated into XML that validates against an existing schema.  I also 
want the input TeX to be fairly easy to author (so a simple mechanical 
translation will not work).

A tool that provides a nice Python interface to navigating the schema 
would probably be quite helpful.

Has anyone seen anything that might help generate test data from a schema?


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