running python as a dameon

Michael Palmer m_palmer45 at
Sat Sep 6 15:44:44 CEST 2008

On Sep 5, 9:56 pm, Sean Davis <seand... at> wrote:
> > What I want
> > to do is to provide the python NLP program as a service to any other
> > PHP/Java/Ruby process request. So the mapping is
> > http -> apache -> PHP/Java/Ruby/... -> Python NLP
> Why not use a simple CGI script or wsgi application?  You could make
> the service online and interactive and with the same application and
> code make an XMLRPC web service.  So, things would look more like:
> http -> apache -> Python (running NLP and serving requests)
> You can use apache to proxy requests to any one of a dozen or so
> python-based webservers.  You could also use mod_wsgi to interface
> with a wsgi application.
> Sean

xmlrpc is the right idea, as it interfaces easily across languages.

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