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Sat Sep 6 19:26:24 EDT 2008

On 7 sep 2008, at 00:25, John Machin wrote:

> On Sep 7, 8:03 am, Python <pyt... at> wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> I moved a few modules into the modules folder (on OSX: /opt/local/ 
>> lib/
>> python2.5/site-packages/).
>> They don't show up though when I start IDLE...
>> Is there a way to reload the modules folders in sys.path without
>> logging out and back in?
> I know nothing about OS X, but no "reload" step should be necessary.
> Each Python process, whether run from IDLE or some other tool or from
> the shell, will form its own idea of sys.path.
> So: What modules? What type of file (.py, .pyc, .egg, .zip, .so) are
> you talking about? Did their documentation say that moving the files
> into site-packages was all the installation that was needed? What does
> "don't show up when I start IDLE" mean?
> When you start IDLE and do
>    import sys, pprint
>    pprint.pprint(sys.path)
> do you see the site-packages directory containing the module files?
> What happens when you do
>   import amodule # substitute correct module name here
> ?
> Repeat the above two steps for each of
> (1) running Python from the shell
> (2) running Python from the shell with the -v option
> HTH,
> John
> --
I installed pyGTK from MacPorts
for some reason Macports installs these modules in the /opt/  folder
even in an old python folder: python 2.4, while my current version is  
both are not in sys.path...

i appended the path and IDLE found them
I should have thought a bit more before asking...
saturday night... why am I here anyway ;)

now one question came up, how do I make those path permanent?
i mean, sys.path.append(<path)> adds it for the current session,
yet when i logout of IDLE and start it again it's gone...
how do i keep it in there?

thanks for the answer John...


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