Modifying the system menu

raj.indian.08 at raj.indian.08 at
Wed Sep 24 10:56:19 EDT 2008

I am creating the window manager for multiple desktops :)
Anyways, i got one answer in nabble which I feel is the best option -
even though I am just investigating on how to do it.

Please find below -
James Matthews wrote:
> Hi all,
>    I am trying to modify the system menu of all the applications in
> my machine.
>    For example say - I am creating multiple desktops for windows  -
> and I want to give every application the capability to be moved across
> different desktops. So I wanted to modify the basic system menu list
> to include the new options.
>    The methods I could think of are -
> 1. Modify the basic windows set of system menu values (best option)

There is no central repository where this is stored, so there's no
to change.

> 2. Poll every few milliseconds and modify the system menu values of
> the active window

Ick  Windows don't come and go that often, and you only need to do
once for each application.

The correct option is (3) install a Windows hook to watch for new
application to activate, and modify the menu in the hook.  You will
to use a hook in order to catch the menu item being chosen anyway.
There are Python modules to handle some kinds of hooks, but overall
would be much easier in C.

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