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Tim Rowe digitig at
Sun Sep 28 23:41:24 CEST 2008

2008/9/28 Aaron Castironpi Brady <castironpi at>:

> Before I tried wxFormBuilder, I imagined that C# would be vastly
> faster to develop than Python, for anything requiring any non-trivial
> graphical interface.  I've done extensive VB, so I can attest to that
> personally.  It is not.

I'm confused about where VB comes in -- I find VB just *slightly*
harder than INTERCAL. C# I find fairly easy.

> You can come up with examples that favor either.  But the opposite of
> statistical is anecdotal.  Sorry again.

Yes, it's anecdotal, but development time isn't just about how fast
the program is to type (otherwise, why aren't we all using APL?)

> The last time I 'checked in' at your post, your claim was "an hour or
> so" vs. "ages".  Hence my responses.  You could probably sneak by by
> claiming a factor of *two*, but if you were exaggerating, please say
> so at any time.

Ok. I was exaggerating when I said that VB was harder than INTERCAL.
It's marginally easier.

As for the program I was working on, I worked for over a day on it in
Python, and did it in about an hour in C#, although in fairness I
didn't forget all the thinking I'd done on the previous day. I have a
lot more Python experience than C# experience, but don't claim to be a
guru in either. And no, I don't work two hour days (unfortunately). I
have indicated that the GUI wasn't the only issue; in C# it was just
easy in that case to find all the library bits I needed to in order to
accomplish the task. It isn't always so.

> on this, that it's "pretty generally applicable"

I'm with you on that.

> I do not believe that C# is pretty generally applicable.

I agree on that, but *only* because it's a proprietary language with
imperfect support once you move away from the .net platform. It's a
generally applicable language to .net, but .net is not a general

> fact, outside of my VB, COM, and MFC experience, you could say I have
> no clue.  Very tongue in cheek.)

If you see C# as being in any way related to VB, it's no wonder you're
down on it!

> Python has a lot of things C# doesn't.  Can we agree on that?

And C# has things that Python doesn't (such as static typing). Can we
agree on that, too?

Tim Rowe

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