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Wed Sep 10 16:25:23 CEST 2008

"Gabriel Genellina" <python-url at> writes:

 > QOTW: "So why am I supposed to care about SOAP again?  Oh yes, the
 > wizards I can use to generate 'web service end-points' from
 > programming language code.  My years in the SOAP trenches just
 > makes me laugh myself half to death at that notion: I would
 > probably have been twice as productive if every time I reached for
 > a SOAP toolkit I instead just coded straight XML in HTTP.  And this
 > represents experience with Python, Java and C WS tools." - Uche
 > Ogbuji

It looks as if that Large Hadron Collider is having ill effects
already.  A week has been stretched into 6 years.  ;-)

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