shelve file name extention

Monu monuindia at
Thu Sep 11 20:19:21 CEST 2008

On Sep 8, 1:47 pm, s... at wrote:
>     Monu> When I am using shelve on my local machine it generates the db
>     Monu> file as given filename. But in another machine it's generating
>     Monu> <filename>.dat and .dir.  can anyone tell me how can I force sheve
>     Monu> module to write the db in <filename>.dir and <filename>.dat,
>     Monu> instead of <filename>? Do I have to install a specific version of
>     Monu> the python?
> Shelve is just a thin layer on top of a concrete db file module.  Sounds
> like on your two machines there are different underlying db file modules
> available.  You're pretty much at the mercy of those modules as to file
> naming.  All you are giving it when opening a shelve file is the prefix.
> Skip

Thanks Skip.
So Can't I choose which module to use. Is there any preferance on
which shelve chooses these modules?

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