Eggs, VirtualEnv, and Apt - best practices?

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Thu Sep 25 22:15:50 CEST 2008

Dmitry S. Makovey wrote:

> you have just described OS package building ;)
> I can't speak for everybody, but supporting multiple platforms (PHP, Perl,
> Python, Java) we found that the only way to stay consistent is to use OS
> native packaging tools (in your case apt and .deb ) and if you're missing
> something - roll your own package. After a while you accumulate plenty of
> templates to chose from when you need yet-another-library not available
> upstream in your preferred package format. Remember that some python tools
> might depend on non-python packages, so the only way to make sure all that
> is consistent across environment - use unified package management.

you're speaking for lots of organizations, at least.

     rpm/debs from supplier's repository
     subversion (or equivalent) -> locally built rpm/debs
   + organization's favourite deployment tools
     deployed application


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