Not fully understanding the role of Queue.task_done()

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Sun Sep 7 16:18:03 CEST 2008

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>Martin DeMello wrote:
>> In the interests of not hammering the db unnecessarily, I'm
>> considering the following
>> 1. A series of independent "monitor" threads that collect information
>> over TCP from the cluster of machines, and write it to a queue
>> 2. A "logger" thread that empties the queue every second or so and
>> inserts the collected information to the db via a single insert
>> statement
>why are you using a queue for this case, btw?  why not just use a plain list
>     L = []
>     lock = threading.Lock()
>and add stuff using append in the monitor threads
>     with lock:
>         L.append(item)

Because using a queue requires less thinking.  I certainly would use a
queue in this case instead of rolling my own.
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