Serial I/O problem with pywin32 ?

Xavier xlebourd at
Mon Sep 15 11:28:28 CEST 2008


I have resolved my problem by checking paquets.
It seems that it is a problem of the GPS (it's a very cheap GPS

> Could be hardware flow control. See this sometimes on the bluetooth
> connections that are using Serial Port Protocol and the hardware flow
> control hasn't been physically implemented.

It seems it is the problem.
The policy seems to be :
 - ask the GPS for the data
 - touch wood
 - retry with the missing chunks
Even the official driver is doing this.

> Do you lose data after exactly the same amount of data has
> been received?

Not. The lost are randomized but it's chunks, ex :
300 consecutive bytes ok
30 consecutive bytes lost
250 bytes ok
40 bytes lost
800 bytes ok
50 bytes lost

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