embed python in ms-word?

oyster lepto.python at gmail.com
Sat Sep 6 14:52:21 CEST 2008

in fact, during my work, I often write documnets in ms-word. But the
doc has many numbers in it, which need to be calculated and to be
modified frequently.

Is there a method to write a ms-word add-in, so that
1.I can type in the calculation steps in some program language,
please have a look at http://blender.bokee.com/inc/word_add_in1.jpg

2.then the result (here, it is 8) is shown in the doc when I close this window?
please have a look at http://blender.bokee.com/inc/word_add_in2.jpg

3.when I double-click the result 8, I can view/edit the code again

4.the code for calculation  is stored in DOC file too, I can change it later

mathtype equation is a kind of such thing, but only for displaying
nice equation

I don't think vba is a good answer, the main reason is: the vba code
has an incompact link with its result in the documnet

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