Incorrect compiler found building extension on windows

Patrick Stinson patrickstinson.lists at
Tue Sep 9 04:17:57 CEST 2008

I built python-2.5.1 from source using Visual Studio 2005, and am also
trying to build my extension using distutils and Visual Studio 2005.
Distutils complains about python being built with VS 2003, which is
not on my system, and the only python binaries I have on my system are
the ones I built from source using VS 2005. This leads me to believe
that some other error is causing this hard-coded message to be
printed. I am running python.exe from within the build dir, and
"import site" works just fine. Running my --platform prints
"UNKNOWN" for a list of platforms.

Is it possible to build python using VS 2005 and also build extensions
using the same cl.exe? If not is there a compiler config or something
that I need to write? Thanks.

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