Mahdi ce at mail.net.sk
Fri Sep 12 04:28:24 CEST 2008

if you just type "python wx" you will get 2,080,000 results. The first 
by luck (not chance) is wxPython.

it scares me when ppl start to post on newsgroups before even searching 
in the web for a second!

how old r u Mr. Chance not Choice?

on 09/12/2008 02:32 AM Fredrik Lundh wrote :
> Desmond Scott E wrote:
> I'm am a Python novice by chance not choice.  (Although it appears to 
> be a nice tool.  Plus anything based on Monte Python can't be bad!)
> My Quest is to migrate a Python-based process from Windows2000/Python 
> v2.4.2 (#67) to WindowsXP/Python v2.5.2 (r252:60911).
> I've searched the Python website and could find no reference to module 
> wx.  Is this an add-in module or perhaps it was replaced in v2.5.2???

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