Martin Walsh mwalsh at mwalsh.org
Tue Sep 30 19:41:32 CEST 2008

Blubaugh, David A. wrote:
> To All, 
> I have been attempting to execute the following program within the
> Python environment:
> However, when I would try to execute the following lines of source code
> within a python script file:
> import os
> os.system(r"C:\myprogramfolder\run\Myprogram.exe 1 1 acc 0") 
> I believe I may be missing something here that prevents the executable
> file working within python from utilizing this (.dat).  The printed
> final error is the following:
> ERROR opening inputs/io/control.dat
> Does anyone know what that could be ??

Based on your description, it seems pretty obvious (and easy to confirm)
that Myprogram.exe needs to be run from its containing directory
("C:\myprogramfolder\run"). Try something like this...

import os
pwd = os.getcwd()
os.system("Myprogram.exe 1 1 acc 0")


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