universal unicode font for reportlab

Laszlo Nagy gandalf at shopzeus.com
Mon Sep 8 15:18:45 CEST 2008

>> The GNU Unifont <URL:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GNU_Unifont>
>> <URL:http://unifoundry.com/unifont.html> covers an impressive range of
>> the Unicode Basic Multilingual Plane.
>> Unifont is originally a bitmap font, but was recently made available
>> in TrueType format 
>> <URL:http://www.lgm.cl/trabajos/unifont/index.en.html>.
>> Both are available in Debian 'lenny'; the 'unifont' and 'ttf-unifont'
>> packages, respectively.
> I found out that dejavu is what I need. It covers the languages I need 
> and more:
> http://dejavu.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/dejavu/tags/version_2_26/dejavu-fonts/langcover.txt
Sorry, this did not work either. Dejavu does support cyrillic and greek 
characters but I have to load a different ttf for that. They are no 
unified. :-( The only one that worked so far was "unifont.tff" but it is 
very ugly above point size=10.

Can you tell me what kind of font Geany is using on my Ubuntu system? 
The preferences tells that it is "monospace" but when I load 
VeraMono.ttf in reportlab, it will not even display latin2 characters. 
In contrast, please look at this example that show my test program in Geany:


It is a real scalable truetype font, displaying latin 1, latin2, 
chinese, russian and japanese characters. Is it the same font? Does this 
mean that reportlab is buggy? If I could load the same font that geany 
uses, it would probably solve my problem forever.



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