Using vObject

Joshua Gardner mellowcellofellow at
Tue Sep 23 00:40:11 CEST 2008

I'm brand new to USENET so please bear with me.

I'm writing a specialized to-do list app. I'm using Django but this is
not a question about Django. It has to have recurring tasks set by the
managers for the employees to then check off.

I've got pretty much everything in the app worked out, except for one
thing: the repeating tasks. I want to have it so that the manager puts
in a repeating task with a description and a repeat rule. This rule then
generates simpler one-time tasks. These one-time tasks have a
description, a time (a datetime.datetime object) and "completed" boolean.

I've looked around and think I have these options:
	1. Manually put it all together with another Django model that
implements the repeat rules.
	2. Do the same thing but use dateutil.rrule to help.
	3. Use the icalendar ( module to access
ICS files.
	4. vObject ( to do the same.

I think I want to use vObject because it uses dateutil and the
management can easily manage tasks from a desktop app.

Only thing is that I find vObject's documentation very cryptic and was
wondering if anybody here could shed some light on how to use vObject. A
simple "getting-started" tutorial or something similar would be nice.

Thanks all!


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