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On Thu, Sep 4, 2008 at 12:16 AM, Dennis Lee Bieber
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> comp.lang.python:
>> have no preference with MySQL or SQL, stored procedures or ad-hoc
>> queries.
>        Please note: MySQL is specific relational database management system
> (RDBMs), which uses a dialect of structured query language (SQL). SQL by
> itself is just a semi-standardized query language -- and can technically
> be used to access non-relational DBMS (if any such are still in use),
> though the query processor would be a pain to program (map a relational
> join into a hierarchical DBMS schema? ugh).
>> SO, I'm interested in using my Google App space (free 500MB) to
>> develop a quick database application.  Using Python.  I found "Dive
>> Into Python" which I will be reading shortly.
>        So one question: what RDBMs are supported in that space?

The appearance is not an RDBMS, at least, maybe it is, but under the surface.

Looks more that you've persistent objects with a SQL-like language to
query them.


Marco Bizzarri

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