How to emit Cyrillic and Chinese via unicode from console mode?

rs387 rstarkov at
Sun Sep 14 08:30:21 EDT 2008

On Sep 14, 11:51 am, Gertjan Klein <gkl... at> wrote:
> Interesting. On my system (Windows XP) the console codepage does not
> change, and hence the characters don't print properly (I get some of the
> CP437 line drawing characters, for example). I have never been able to
> convince windows to assume/support UTF-8 encoding in the console,
> programatically or otherwise. :(

I found that a useful test is to create a directory whose name
contains chars from various languages, then run "cmd" and see if "dir"
displays them correctly. This worked fine for me in WinXP, even though
my system locale is Russian. Would be interesting to know if you can
get the console to display international chars this way.

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