lacking follow-through

Eric Wertman ewertman at
Mon Sep 8 18:03:48 CEST 2008

> Perhaps the wrong idea of what the group is.  I would have thought
> that
> if one had a sufficiently developed idea and wanted to have it /
> formally/
> rejected, rather than merely sniped at, then writting a PEP would be
> more
> apposite than posting to
> It's fine to post your not sufficiently developed ideas here merely
> to
> have them discussed.  But I don't know what makes you feel that you,
> or
> your ideas, are /entitled/ to any response at all, much less
> "follow-through."

To expand on this a little bit,  I've been subscribed to this group
for a couple of months, but there seems to be a bit more gray area
between what would go to a 'python-dev'  group and a 'python-user'
group.   Long debates about language features and abstract ideas would
appeal to the former, but not the latter.  Certainly I fall into the
user category..  I'm pretty happy with python, and generally just
adjust to it's design and features, rather than spend lots of time on
whether they are 'right' or could be 'better'.  /shrug

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