wxPython problem

Peter Anderson peter.anderson at internode.on.net
Sat Sep 6 16:14:25 CEST 2008

Stef Mientki said: In PyScripter, you should run wxPython in the plain 
remote machine (not the wxPython remote),and you should set "reset 
before run flag" or reset the remote machine each time yourself.


Thanks for the help! It has taken several hours to find and install the 
correct version of Rpyc (which is required to run the remote Python 
engine but it now seems to be working fine. And the "Reinitialise the 
Python engine {Alt]+[F2]" does need to be done between script runs. 
Given all that, the script now runs multiple times in PyScripter. The 
script still only runs ONCE in IDLE but I can live with that.

In case others find this message from a search; I am using Python 2.5.2 
and it requires rpyc-2.60.zip from the Rpyc download page (see 
http://rpyc.wikispaces.com/ click on the "Download" link and make sure 
you select the "main" link under the "Packages" column at Sourceforge. 
You will be shown a list of Rpyc versions. For Python 2.5.2 choose 
Relese "2.60". This will save you the several hours its cost me.

Thanks again Stef.

Peter Anderson
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