how to build a MacOS universal python package including external dependencies

Jaime Huerta Cepas jhuerta at
Wed Sep 24 18:15:19 CEST 2008

Hi all,

I have developed a set python libraries that provide several scientific
methods to analyse and visualize certain type of biological data.  This
libraries are based on many external python modules, such as python-mysql
python-sip or python-qt4. I use GNU/linux to develop my tools and I found no
problems into installing all dependencies, however it does not seem to be
that easy on MacOS. I am sure that all the dependencies (qt4, pyqt4 ,
mysqldb, scipy, numpy) are cross platform, but when you are trying to
publish your tool in an academic journal, most referees (many of them using
MacOS) expect some kind of straightforward installation process for the

I wonder if there would be a way in which I could compile all the
dependencies and libraries in a MacOs system and then building a static
universal binary that I can distribute. I guess  it should be possible, but
I am not sure how difficult it might be, and whether all dependencies (qt4
is huge) can be packaged together.

Any help is more than welcome!
Best regards,
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