Tkinter: tkButtonDown, tkButtonEnter, tkButtonInvoke, tkButtonLeave, tkButtonUp

akineko akineko at
Tue Sep 2 05:44:03 CEST 2008

On Sep 1, 8:28 pm, "Guilherme Polo" <ggp... at> wrote:
> Can you clarify what is this "sticky" behavior ? Are you referring to
> a toggle button ? If yes, then you might be after a simple
> Checkbutton:
> checkbutton = Tkinter.Checkbutton(indicatoron=False, text='test')

I wouldn't spend days to create a custom widget to mimick the
Checkbutton ;-)

I don't need to describe the detail but once the button was pressed
for a bit while, a command is sent through communication.
The button is left being ButtonDown ("sticky") until an
acknowledgement is sent back through communication.
This is a way to let the user know the action was acknowledged at
another end.

I think probably very few people needs such widget.


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