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What do you mean by a 3% performance hit? And compared to what ?

 Any performance hit or for that matter
a performance improvement would very much dependant on the problem
, how it maps to the data store and what you are trying to do with it,
your choice of algorithms.


On Sep 9, 8:02 am, benlinde... at wrote:
> BigTable looks great!  There's a 3% performance hit for these types of
> databases.  However it makes up for it in other ways.
> "Dive Into Python" seems to suggest there is less busy work, but I am
> still looking into the GUI components of Python.  Say, a grid of 10x10
> tiles of PNGs.
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> > have no preference with MySQL or SQL, stored procedures or ad-hoc
> > queries.
>         Please note: MySQL is specific relational database management
> system
> (RDBMs), which uses a dialect of structured query language (SQL). SQL
> by
> itself is just a semi-standardized query language -- and can
> technically
> be used to access non-relational DBMS (if any such are still in use),
> though the query processor would be a pain to program (map a
> relational
> join into a hierarchical DBMS schema? ugh).
> > SO, I'm interested in using my Google App space (free 500MB) to
> > develop a quick database application.  Using Python.  I found "Dive
> > Into Python" which I will be reading shortly.
>         So one question: what RDBMs are supported in that space?
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